Villaggio della Birra 2018

13°Ed. 7/9 September. Buonconvento.Toscana

Campi di Birra 2018

Rifermentazioni Enobirrarie. Campi Bisenzio (FI). 4/6 May

Villaggio Belgian Edition 2018

Terza Edizione. Kerkom Bij Sint Truiden. 23/24 June

Villaggio della Birra. International Festival of Small breweries

Buonconvento: one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. At 25 km. from Siena, located in the middle of the Crete Senesi, this ancient village lies on the gentle hills of the Val d'Arbia, one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany. For this reason it is "a happy, lucky place" as the Latin etymology of the name suggests (bonum Conventum): beauty, history and culture are at every corner of this land and in every stone of the ancient village. A village that was born and developed along the Via Cassia, the ancient Via Francigena that led pilgrims from Canterbury to Rome, the traces of the passage which you can still recognize today.

The Villaggio della Birra was set up in 2006 designed to juxtapose, in a "special" location and (provocatively) in the middle of a wine growing region, the brewing industry of two countries, Belgium and Italy, the former the emblem of centuries-old tradition, and the latter one of the most important exponents of the "rebirth" of craft beer in Europe. Having become an international reference point, the Festival selects and invites only those producers that with their produce, are contributing to enriching the quality of the production of the craft beer world, people who, first of all, have already made us feel their extreme humanity during these years. Brewmasters will for two days running set up shop in a large heated big top to serve visitors a taste of their brews in a very friendly atmosphere.

It takes many months (and patience!) to organise but when the three-day festival draws to an end, it always leave a drop of nostalgia, because we know that we will have to wait another 365 days to experience it again. This year, we can wait any longer: we are preparing a series of events, both in Italy and abroad, to make the wait less ... bitter! #notjustafestival

Agenda 2018
Campi di Birra
2° Campi Di Birra - Rifermentazioni | May, 4/6

"Ancestrale" è una parola importante: rimanda all'antichità, ad usi e saperi lontani, si riferisce a qualcosa che appartiene agli avi. E' il patrimonio di conoscenze che fa parte del dna di ciascuno, è la ricchezza vera di un popolo; difficile rinunciare ad attingervi.

Villa Montalvo.   |  Campi Bisenzio (FI)
3° Villaggio Belgian Edition | June, 23/24

Third Edition in the Belgian land, in the beautiful farm of Brewery Kerkom (Kerkom-bij-Sint-Truiden). 5 Italian and 10 Belgian breweries (who will alternate in the two days), workshops, homebrewer contest, music and a corner of Tuscany with our tuscan cuisine. The Village is home, wherever it is. (Cit.)

Kerkom Bij Sint Truiden  |  Belgio
13° Villaggio della Birra | September, 7/9

Thirteenth Edition of International Festival of Artisanal Breweries. For whoever was not there, it is useless trying to attempt to reproduce the sensations, feelings, atmosphere: this can't be done through the keyboard of a pc, you run the risk of creating just one low quality substitute, or worse.

Buonconvento.  |   Siena.Tuscany
This year we will try again to introduce you to those who, in our opinion, with their produce, are helping to enrich the quality of the productive world of homemade beer, people who, first of all, have already made us feel their extreme humanity throughout these years.

The Village is a real festival, not just a trade show, launched to celebrate our friendship with many Belgian brewers and then extended to other brewers, as happens in true friendships. Our selection starts from this, accompanied by a thorough consideration of the production quality of the individual Brewers, which, like every year, will be a pleasure for you to..try.

Barley, Bellazzi, RentOn, Doge, L'Olmaia, Toccalmatto (Italy)
Blaugies, Boelens, Cazeau, Bastogne, De Dochter van de Korenaar, De la Senne, De Leite, De Ranke, Den Hopperd, Den Triest, Fantome, De Glazen Toren, Hof ten Dormaal, Kerkom, Hofbrouwerijke, Verzet (Belgium)
Victory Art Brewing (RU). Against the Grain (USA). Bad Luck Brewing, Rocket Brewing (Dk). Oedipus, Uiltje (NEL). Guineu (SPA). Aegir Bryggery (NO). Fierce Beer Co, Fyne Ales, Rooster Brewing (UK). 8 Wired, Tuatara (NZ)

Stay tuned for 2018 edition

Everyone have "his own" kind of Villaggio. It is useless for us to tell the sensations, the feelings, and the atmosphere of the festival to someone that has never been there. This can't be done by typing on a pc's keyboard. We can't even attempt to give the faintest idea of what it really is, and what it means for us. #villaggiodellabirra2018 to be #notjustafestival
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"Speaking of civilization"

"Speaking of civilization". At the village the only way to do it, is, to sit (or even stand in a quiet corner) and more or less speak pleasantly, especially about beer and beers but also about this and that. This is a dimension that many people have pointed out to us, with obvious pleasure.

This is one of the added values that people who attend the village have given this event/occurance, increasingly characterized by the people attending, as well as the beers that you can find. We would be right to say, completing the phrase that belongs to someone else, that "good people drink good beer", which, in turn, makes people really good people.

Edition 2018
Genuine Craft Beer Friends
tim webb

Bizarre, endearing, and throughly enjoyable!

Tim Webb Taster, Beer Journalist
lorenzo dabove

Il perchè venire? Ma io ribalto la domanda..come si fà a non venire!

Lorenzo Dabove Taster, Beer Journalist
carl kins

I recommend any beer lover the pilgrimage to Buonconvento

Carl Kins Taster